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State of the Art
Component of CM 1 Component for CM 2 Comment
OS and Support
  • Support for Debian Etch/Lenny
  • Support for 32 bit mode
  • Linux Kernel for Etch: 2.6.18
  • Support for AUFS in Debian Linux-kernel-2.6.18: No
  • Support for Debian Squeeze
  • Support for 32bit/64bit mode
  • Linux Kernel for Squeeze: 2.6.32
  • Support for AUFS in Debian Linux-kernel-2.6.32: Yes
  • Debian squeeze still in test
  • Currently supporting 64bit mode
  • AUFS is supported in the Debian Linux Kernel for Squeeze (like a module)
CM Web Interface
  • Web Server: Apache 2.2
  • DB connector: php-pear
  • PHP 5.2
  • Database: postgresql 8.1
  • External tools: MRTG, phppgadmin, mysql webadmin
  • Web Server: Apache 2.2
  • DB Connector: pear/MDB2
  • PHP 5.3
  • Database: postgresql 8.4
  • Apache 2.2 seems to be working
  • The DB connector "pear/DB" is deprecated in fovar of pear/MDB2". The web site has been modified to use MDB2, some changes: the connection to the database use the MDB2.php library, pear install MDB2 and drivers for pgsql instead of DB, some functions have changed: getAll doesn't accept the DB_FETCH_ASSOC anymore (we have to use the MDB2_FETCH_ASSOC option instead), affectedRows() doesn't exist anymore. Still in progress: PHP Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated.
  • In PHP 5.3: some functions are deprecated since PHP 5.2. we also have to check a configuration problem with URL and the "&" char
  • Cmwebadmin-portal: dead link for the documentation and other online references
Network/Netboot components
  • cmtftpd 0.40-4.3 patched
  • dhcp-server 3.0
  • openssh-server 4.3
  • bind9: 9.3.4
  • Lastest tftp-hpa version
  • isc-dhcp-server 4.1
  • openssh-server 5.5
  • bind9: 9.7.2
  • The isc-dhcp-server seems to be working
  • The openssh-server seems to be working
  • An old tftpd-hpa is patched and used to provide PXE on the fly configuration files (0.40-4.3). Some tests have been run and GPXE/tftpd can execute the script to dynamically generate the configuration file, so we can forget the patch for cmtftpd and use the newest version of tftpd. ipxe xas tested too (a fork from gpxe). With GPXE we have some problems when several nodes are booting together, it's not the case with ipxe. Moreover ipxe seems to be a more active project than gpxe. Related to the git repositories: the last GPXE commit was in August 2010, the last commit in IPXE was in April 2011...
Batch Scheduler
  • Support for OAR server 2.3
  • Support for the latest version: OAR 2.5
  • Currently in test with a new Appliance: we have to fix the oar_start and oar_stop scripts
  • In computemode, with the OAR scheduled system, can we reserve core CPU or just physical hosts? If we want to reserve CPU cores we have to change the way used to create nodes in OAR's database (see the network_address property).
Diskless Images
  • OS: Debian Sarge
  • 32bit mode
  • Filesystem: NFS
  • Initrd format: cramfs (Kernel < 2.6)
  • New user root file system: pivot_root
  • OS: Debian Squeeze
  • 64bit mode
  • Filesystem: NFS, AUFS ... ?
  • Initrd: CPIO (Kernel >= 2.6)
  • New user root file system: chroot?
  • Initrd format: cramfs (Kernel < 2.6)
  • mkinitrd to build cramfs
  • Initrd: CPIO (Kernel >= 2.6)
  • mkinitramfs to build cpio ramfs
  • Use a customized Debian initrd
  • Build a new initrd with the mkinitramfs tool
  • Debian Live: Debian Live can be used to create a new diskless image easily but I didn't find documentation about the customization of the initrd. We can also use the initrd generated by Debian Live but we have to edit the file manually.
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