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About IPXE

  • IPXE is now integrated in the computemode project to manage the boot process. The IPXE binary file use the UNDI drivers generated from IPXE sources. Two binaries are available: one for the production purpose (you can't access to the management console to prevent users to stop the boot process) and one with the management console enable.
  • In the file /var/www/cm/engine/boot_ipxe.php:

echo "#!ipxe\n"; echo "echo Skipping IPXE boot process... || exit 1\n"; echo "exit 1\n";

This code is used to exit IPXE when a node have to boot on its local hard drive. This code is not working for Virtual Machine but it's working in physical machine. You have to replace the code:

echo "exit 1\n";


echo "sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x80 || exit 1\n";

by this last one doesn't work on physical machine...

About DHCP

About pxelinux


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