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Node autodetection, boot of the CM image and OAR node's creation

For node atodetection:

  • Actions to perform:
    • Be sure that the CMserver is running and available
    • Be sure that nodes are configured to boot from LAN
    • Launch several nodes at same time
  • Checks to perform:
    • Check that into the CMwebadmin interface, nodes are recorded with the "unconfigured" tag
    • Check that after IPXE discovery the operating system on the disk is booting
    • Check the /var/log/apache2/error.log file to detect some web errors
    • Check the /var/log/error.log file to detect some DHCP/IPXE/TFTP errors

Node autodetection with the unconfigured tag

For the CM boot image and OAR node creation:

  • Actions to perform:
    • Log-in into the CMwebadmin interface and configure node scheduler by editing node settings. You can choose the "Always CM" scheduler. By default, this scheduler is using the Debian Squeeze operating system.
    • Launch several nodes at same time
  • Checks to be perform:
    • Check that the CM image is correctly booting
CM boot image
    • Check that nodes are also creating into the OAR database (you can use Monika to check that CPU/CORE feature is available)
OAR node creation with CPU/CORE feature

OAR access and POV ray demos

To check OAR access you can use the POV ray demos from the main menu of the CMWebadmin interface:

  • Checks to perform:
    • Check that the demo is running correctly and the image appears
    • Check that several nodes are used to compute the image
CM POV Ray demos
    • Check OAR nodes status with Monika
OAR node status during running jobs

LDAP account access

  • Actions to perform:
    • Fill informations in the /var/www/cm/config.php file about LDAP server connection: $GLOBALS['LDAPSERVER'] refers to the IP address of the LDAP server. Change if you want some variables: $GLOBALS['LDAPPORT'] refers to the port to establish a connection with the server, $GLOBALS['IDENT_LDAPPASSWORD'] refers to the password in the computemode database that identify LDAP users...
    • Just log-in in the cmwebadmin interface with LDAP credential
  • Checks to perform:
    • When you are logged-in with LDAP credentials, a local account should be created in the cmwebadmin database. You can see it with the administrator account in the 'accounts' menu
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